Friday, October 12, 2012

Making FaceTime video calls With Camera iPhone 5

Camera iPhone 5
Making FaceTime video calls : The iSight camera iPhone 5 is perfect for conducting video chats. Conducting webcam-based calls with a laptop or PC is not new. FaceTime extends the thought of video chatting to smartphones. You need a Wi-Fi or 3G cellular network connection as well as for whoever you’re calling to get a FaceTime-compatible device (an iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5, a 2010 or later iPod touch or a Mac having an iSight camera).

To initiate a FaceTime call, you can create a voice call as usual and after that switch over with a video chat by tapping the FaceTime button. This appears in which the Hold button usually does during calls. (You’ll still see Hold if you possess the FaceTime feature disabled, or you can take it up by pressing and holding the Mute button). A question mark appears if the iPhone isn’t sure the other party has FaceTime abilities. If they do, the recipient will be presented with a screen allowing your ex to decide if they should accept your FaceTime request.

If they decline, you’ll remain on the phone sans video. If you accept it, FaceTime will launch and both callers will appear onscreen. FaceTime now works over cellular along with Wi-Fi, but you may need to turn it on by looking at Settings > FaceTime and changing the Use Cellular Data setting to On. Be careful of just how much data you're using though.

Using Visual VoiceMail

The iPhone enables you to access your voicemail while you’re out and about. It also does far more than record messages from callers and let you know whose calls you’ve missed. Apple’s Visual Voicemail shows your messages like a list, allowing you to choose which messages to hear and the order where they are played. In the UK, O2 may be the only mobile operator to provide Visual Voicemail. Other networks provide a service in places you call a computerized phone service to get voicemail – or you can try a different visual voicemail like HulloMail.

Here’s how Visual Voicemail works. If you have new voicemails, the Slide To Unlock slider will instead say Slide To Listen. This will jump you right to your voicemail page. If your phone is unlocked, you’ll see a red number on the Voicemail button in the bottom of the screen. Tap this button to retrieve your messages. Unplayed voicemails use a blue dot next to them. Tap the material to begin playback. Tap it again to pause, or utilize on-screen slider to fast-forward or rewind a note, in case you didn’t quite catch the facts.

Tapping the blue arrow next to a voicemail message is going to take you to anybody’s contact information and show enough time and date the material was left. To call anybody back, just tap the Call Back button. Tap Delete to get rid with the message entirely. To record your voicemail greeting tap the Greeting button inside upper left corner with the Voicemail screen.


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