Sunday, July 17, 2011

Google Plus: Facebook, Skype.. and Instagram Killer? Lomo effect found inside!

Google Plus is not just a “Facebook killer,” but also an Instagram killer?

Looks like Google Plus is not just a Facebook, Twitter or Skype alternative, but could also an Instagram alternative too. Google is not aggressively promoting the Google Plus’ photo editing feature, but I think it’s better than any other online photo editing out there.

Google Plus is also available in mobile for Android and soon on iPhone and iPad, so we’re also expecting to see this photo editing feature to be included in the mobile app too.

After uploading a photo in Google Plus via the computer or even mobile, you can edit your photos (computer only) by clicking the image and accessing the “Actions>Edit Photo.” There are six photo editing styles to choose from, the Cross Process (Lomo), Orton, I’m Feeling Lucky, Black and White, Auto Color and Auto Contrast. Apparently, these features are also available in Picasa (courtesy of Picnik that Google acquired), so its obvious that Google integrated the power of Picasa in Google Plus. By the way, this photo editing feature is free.

Apparently, Google Plus also allows uploading of high quality HD photos, so you’ll never lose any “quality” that you need even after editing your piece of art. Surprisingly, Google’s Vic Gundotra loves photography and even promoted the Google Plus accounts of some of the photographers that are already posting their masterpieces in Google Plus.

Gundotra posted last week, “My favorite discovery this weekend? The beautiful pictures Thomas Hawk and Trey Ratcliff are sharing. I added them to one of my circles and now I’m seeing gorgeous pictures everyday.”

I tested the hidden photo editing feature of Google Plus, see my first project in the photo above. I used the “Cross Process” effect that is obviously the same popular Lomo Effect offered by other photo editing apps and online editing tools including the iOS app Instagram. Google could (and should) include this photo editing feature in the Google Plus app soon, knowing that Instagram is still not available in the Android Market.

Google Plus is still an invite only social networking site, but rumors say it could launch publicly on or before July 31st. Can this “lomo” easy editing feature attract more members? 

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Moin said...

thank you for the post, now I can add facebook friends to google plus
Can Google plus beat Facebook!

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