Monday, October 19, 2009

About Google's Wave

Everybody's talking about this: Google's Wave. Google's super knock communication tool has become a trend over the nervousness, the focus of speculation in the media and even in a position to Microsoft Bing from the top of the news cycle. But almost all of the hype was based on the demo - there are almost no real need to try, Google-Wave.

Now try, thanks to some of our friends, we have the opportunity today the Alpha release of this new service breakthrough. Turn From the creation of a wave in the discussion, we use Google's latest sensation through his fingers.

The surface, which at first glance, the mirror e-mails. It is intuitive, fast to load packed and easy to divide the sections. How did the demos and screenshots may have seen in the left column is not only the navigation, but the contacts, which is more than the wave in the e-mail important. Each field can be expanded or shrunk as the browser window or folder, so you really control the look and feel.

Center for Wave's to Google's interface - the specific search you create is not just for keywords, but the activities, history, people, and many more. We are confident that there is a large library of your search will be ordered to be useful in organizing the shaft.

Another advantage:
Each box can be folded to save your place. You can also made so that each displays a small toolbar, and you save more space.

Good and bad:
it is not showing as complex as the other screenshots. Big advantage is that they can be customized: you can add and remove various items and gadgets as complicated or simple as you want to create. We're still not sure what some of the commands, though.

Overall Rating:
Slick and easy to navigate.


Overview: Wave Communications on Google more like an IM conversation as an e-mail, but with a few corners. In the above example, you can see the power of the threaded discussions. User, not the answer at the end of the shaft, the discussion threads in the message. This makes the mind more easily the following lines. You can also see the changes made by other people by highlighting the names of people on the right side.

It is also easy to add to a new wave. Simply enter the message and drag friends into the box. This is as simple as serious. In the matter of organization of the interview: It's like e-mail, via the folder as an archive, star, Inbox and Trash. Here the focus is on the search and add folders to organize the different waves, waves, and the glitter.

Another big plus: It's so easy to add files and images for all your messages.

Good and bad:
Answers little funky. Sometimes appear above than below, although Google said in thread debugging, it will do it easier and more predictable. In addition, a bit slow to load, but can be resolved in future iterations.

It is more intuitive than the e-mail messages in a conversation, but you'd still have too many bugs to a definitive conclusion here.

Google-wave expansions

gadgets and robots (which we explain in our Google-wave guide), there are essentially two ways to extend Google's wave function. Adding gadgets is as easy to go to the top menu (now debug) and select the gadget you want want to add. Gadget has only in the waves. We ourselves want to be able to make a box or two useful for applications like Twitter or Basecamp project management system.

But the play with the gadget in the complex wave is not at all - after adding the magnetic poetry, we can directly use to move the magnets, no problem.

Robots are easy to you, wave to add ... If the name of your robot. There seems to be an easy way to distinguish between humans and robots. There should be a search engine or a better menu to search for and add robots to the waves.

Good and bad:
It's so easy to add gadgets and robots. Some of them need to debug, but that is the Alpha platform. Organization for robots less.

Overall rating:
Adding gadgets and robots is easy, but the organization still needs work. Can not wait any longer, applications, though!

Our first impression of Google-Wave is very positive. Although the original construction, intuitive communication and not messy at all. UserControl even stronger than we expected first. You can even customize the look and feel "of the wave and do not believe it for a long time before the themes and the box is movable. We also want to note that by far the best work in Chrome Chrome Chrome browser, which makes sense.

It really seems to touch - in humans - what we feel is taking a communication direction to focus on. Current e-mail application is less on the individual and more on the contents of the message. We think to know tools like Twitter Facebook and a better balance must be the person behind the message and the message itself Google-wave in this direction.

Finally, we want to repeat that: It is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. This is just a little more complicated than your default e-mail client.

Good and bad: while still littered with errors, Google Wave run smoothly. Navigation large organizations, which for the delay and communication style are more intuitive than e-mail.

Overall: It has some aspects, such as navigation, real truth. Some third-party applications of 3 and more customization to match Google Wave really the hype.


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