Thursday, June 18, 2009

Optimize Images for the Web Development

A post-graphics and images on your website is one of the things that are fun in web development to do. Nothing makes your site look better than a lot of pictures.

Graphics and images can be used for entertainment, professionalism, or visual queues. A graph correctly interpreted and visitors can share your opinions and / or decisions for your site change. It is important for you to have a picture ready and optimized for your site.

Optimize Images

One thing to remember, when creating graphics and images, optimize your website. What do you mean by optimization?

The optimization is a method to compress data so that your file sizes smaller. One way of optimization is the work that he read all the color images and use different color combinations to create a similar color. This one color, they are not needed for a particular image. But there's bad side with the optimization. You will lose the quality of graphics and / or images.

Size vs. Quality

When viewing optimize image quality in comparison with the size. You want the smallest size possible for your site, your site will load faster. This helps visitors and search engine bots.

If you have pictures or graphics is also distorted, so the size of the files. You do not want grainy picture on your site. You want an image look good and professional. You just have to find a balance between a clean professional image and has a small file size is reasonable.

Image Optimizer

Adobe Photoshop is put this into consideration in several new versions of their applications. Now you can do File> Save for Web option, and Adobe Photoshop is a ready-made to optimize the process very well. You can save what type of file and decide how much compression and optimization. Adobe Photoshop is an expensive commercial programs, is another option to use a Dynamic Drive image optimization.

Image File Types

The last thing is to touch the JPEG, GIF and PNG. There are so many types of files, but it is highly recommended for web development.

JPEG : JPEG is a compressed file, which is a standard of excellent quality. Because of compression, and color-suppressed data from it to the file size smaller. This may be some order to the image with sharp edges that blur very important for good photos. If you see a picture no straight lines or edges. Everything is mixed together, so JPEG is great for photos. You can be a great optimization of a JPEG file.

Gif : GIF is better for vector graphics. A vector graphic is that when an image is made of lines and shapes. Vector graphics have sharp corners, edges, or text. When dealing with graphics, as described, using better, rather than GIF JPEG. A case may JPEG distortion in sharp lines. GIF files can also be used for the animation. Frame by frame animation saved as a. GIF animation on your page. Transparency is another feature that can support GIF. You can take a picture with a transparent background.

PNG : PNG is one of the latest Web graphics technology. PNG is for the good quality and file size. They have the best of both worlds in PNG. PNG also supports transparent backgrounds. The only downside to PNG is that some of the old web browser does not support PNG. This problem is getting less attention. But remember.

The fastest time for the Web

Optimizing images and graphics is almost a necessity in web development. After a large file size may lead some to your visitors that leave your site. If your site is too slow to load, you need to quickly optimize.

Rumor is that you have to give 3 seconds to draw surfers, if your site does not include the time, then you'll lose it. Rest of your pages in your browser and see how long it takes. If you are after a few seconds, you have a great job.


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