Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Google Change to No-Follow?

Frozen and PR link juice and no-impact - Oh My
We have a video SMX Advanced by Stephen Spencer recently where we discussed (among others) some changes in the expected (?), Not to be followed in the form of attributes, then Google. This no-change followed by several significant impact on many things, primarily, although these changes seem designed to reduce, to some extent, the effectiveness of PR sculpting.

PR sculpting ever tried? Have they effective? Let us know in the comments field.

Now PR sculpting is a fairly advanced concept that not many people understand may be in its entirety. So, I thought I would try to explain at least part of the general ideas. This seems the best way to explain why Google will make some changes in treatment are not met. If you understand the PageRank sculpting, in other words, you will ensure that Google might not like it so much.

I wish I were as less than 5 people "are smarter than I" rip hop in the comments or leave me on Twitter 'this' or 'a' in relation to the nuances of PR sculpting. My answer is higher, for the purposes of this chapter, the details are not important. So calm down. But I would be remiss if I did not add a little warning here for people to read them carefully and make sure to understand that PR does not blow before the following to begin sculpting your website. You can really ruin your website when it is false.

So, what is it exactly? I'm so glad you asked. We begin with the idea of strength page rank "or" authority ". This is the general term" value "of a particular page in relation to the side, how much" authority "of the compound from there. You have heard the People talk about the link "juice" that what the link juice is. What is more important (in the eyes of Google) page, the link has more juice.

Now think of your website as a bucket (or perhaps an elegant bowl or a cup of Fine China, if the bucket is also vital to your mental image). Their buckets with all of your link juice. Now think about the link, such as small holes in the bucket. Your link juice flows through the holes and pass on your page authority.

Well, that says that PR sculpting more and more holes in your bucket, the more spread your link around, or diluted juice. This is accepted, at least partially supported by the search engine crawl and approved the concept of efficiency (see Vanessa Fox Video or articles) for more. The search engine will not spend more and crawl and index every link on every page crawled, the concept of efficiency basically means that you prioritize the things that are important to them.

How do you do this? Well, you do not follow the non-link attributes important. Go on the theory of public relations this is a crack in one step and say that all connections are counted as a hole in the bucket, so you want to be a more liberal use of no-go will help establish direct the flow of link juice. For example, if you are on the menu at the top left of your page, next to the bar and back into your footer, PR sculpting is to say, do not add attributes for all, but one set, followed by them. Fewer holes = more juice flows through the holes left. Get the idea? Well.


Well should be on the SMX Advanced Hullaballoo or proposal, with some rumors that Google is the way she in menopause can be done that do not consider in relation to how to pass the link juice. So if you have, for example, followed 10 outbound links on the page and carve all but 2 of them, an effective public relations is a channel all your juice through the 2 and it does not result in dilution for every 10 Google, because ... well, Google does not have such a situation, where "control" the value of connections - especially for the purpose of better rankings on Google.

Google is required to manage the change, in order to make the effectiveness of PR sculpture? What do you think?

So much enthusiasm and fuming occurs, if not say that Google can not see ahead to follow the same way. If you are 10 Links and No-Take 8 of them in other words, they will still count, how to send in a bucket with 10 holes instead of more love for the usual 2 is not without additional link-go.

At the end of the show is not much in the way of the official word from Google on this topic. However, I suspect very strongly that we have soon. Do not follow effect on the connections are "against" the competent authority in order to increase the capacity by all sorts of difficulties.

Stephan Spencer Firstly, we'll tell you a popular item received 500 comments. Almost all people who leave the comments to even the link. In general, these links are not followed. If more such links = decrease or dilute the authority of a page that give the impression that you are giving a fantastic seem to 500 articles, the comments may not be as good as the items that would only comments May 5.

Secondly, do not know what the idea of Google, followed by the start. It's very practically no existence for more than a Google search helpers are all links to them in managing their economies from their dependence on the links that help create a ranking factor.

Google hate paid links as paid links have the potential to affect the results and if you put a link to buy substantially improve your results on Google. The problem is, have paid links, there are more than Google was .... We called them just advertising. Sun decided to Google if you are a no-follow attribute on links slap, it means that you do not try to get through your page to link authority and therefore is not for lifting said the links in their index.

Now it seems like Google has begun, the people, followed by stresses not see Link, PR sculpting through them and they want to do something. A cynical person might say they sound like they are trying to have the cake and eat well ... but the Google people say that they are only trying to protect the integrity of the index. I am personally for Google to protect the integrity of their index ... But I think it came at a time, maybe they need something on the index, they were too dependent on inbound links as a ranking factor to do. Maybe then they would not sweat this stuff so much and / or remove the burden of link format and the management of the Webmaster and SEO world. People have enough on his plate so.


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